Monday, 28 March 2016

20 Top Diet Tips for Bodybuilding: Get Your Body Weight Augmented

If you are planning to start building your body mass, it is essential you know how effective eating quality protein on a day to day basis is. Protein is very effective for body building and repair. Although protein is a good source of nutrient for body building, you need much more than protein. You are as well required to eat balanced diet. Also, ensure you eat after an hour of your exercise. Practice these 20 diet tips for body building; you will begin to see an increase in your body mass:
1) Drinking liquid Proteins

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As a means of supplementing your protein intake, you should consider protein giving liquids. Protein drinks may result to indigestion to some.  

If your body system does not tolerate lactose well, you might consider protein made of hemp instead of whey.

2) Eating Protein Bars
Using protein for your snack augments the protein intake to your body and helps to increase your body mass. Find a protein that you fancy and use it snacks. Quality protein bar contain as much as 20 g of protein.

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3) Eat more Greek Yogurt
Greek yogurt gives you more protein than the common yogurts. Take Greek yogurt with some fruits for your breakfast. It is a good way to start your body building day.

4) Eat Nuts 

Nuts like peanuts and almonds are a great source of protein.

A small portion of almonds are healthier snacks than most junk foods. Try them today!
5) Eat Quinoa and Hummus if you are a vegetarian
 For vegetarians, the two are a good replacement for meat and dairy products. They contain fiber and protein. Quinoa, is in fact a complete protein source

6) Take more of Lean Meats
Chicken is a very good source of protein for body builders. It contains top quality protein. Turkey and lean beef are also great for body building. 

7) Give up Fruits for a While

No doubt, fruits contain vitamins and minerals needed daily for our body to function well. On the other hand, fruits also contain fructose. Fructose is a natural sugar that is not well managed by our body. It is converted to fat in the liver and leads to conversion of fat into fructose.

8) Reduce your Dairy intake

Diary product contains very many proteins and minerals as well as fat. You can use casein lean food item which you can obtain in powdery form from the grocery store. Also try cottage cheese as a substitute and excellent after workout.

9) By all means avoid sauces

This one of the best body building tips for you. Most
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sauces contain plenty of sugar and calories. They would increase the accumulation of fat which puts more pressure on your muscles to burn fat.

10) Increase your daily intake of protein

Your body needs a daily 1 to 1.5 grams of quality protein to gain 1 pound of weight. Spread out this protein intake into five or six meals a day. Endeavor to space out the period in between to be about 3 hours.

11) Try Food Supplements

A body builder needs more intake of protein than a normal person. Try food supplements such as protein powder, creatine, multivitamins, glutamine, etc. They are additional boost to meet your muscles demands.

12) Plan your daily calorie intake

You should work out your daily calorie intake and maintain it. You need more calorie intake than you burn out in order to gain weight. Burning more calorie than you gain impedes weight gain.

13) Right proportion of Balanced Diet


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Eat the balanced diet in the right proportion. Go for 40% protein, 40% carbohydrates and 20% fat of your entire calorie intake. 300 grams of protein per day for about 6 meals a day means 50g of protein each portion of food you eat.

14. Take copious amount of water daily

The greater proportion of body mass is its water content. You need to drink plenty of water if you want to put on weight. Again, plenty of water of about 3.2 liters per a day helps your body to readily transport digested food round the body.

It can be difficult to keep track of your entire calorie intake. Luckily, professional bodybuilders have come up with bodybuilding diet meal plan. You can avail yourself of such handy provisions to ensure you take enough calories.

16) Eat plenty of egg white

Egg white are very good source of protein for you as a body builder. It contains less fat and is one the most top protein for body building..The larger proportion of protein absorbed by the body is essential for protein synthesis.

17) Take more fish in your diet

Though it is the rule to avoid as much fat as possible, it is a different case for fish intake. Even though it is essential for you to avoid eating saturated fats, you need Omega 3 for body building process. You can get these Omega -3 fatty acids through fish.

18) Eat plenty of Legumes.
People tend to concentrate more on lean meat and forget the usefulness of protein. Protein such as kidney beans is very high in protein content. They as well as have enough fiber s which aids in the normal and continuous movement of the bowel.
19) Consider low burning carbohydrates snacks

Slow burning carbohydrates also aid in body building. Such carbohydrates can be found in found in foods such as oatmeal and sweet potatoes. They can make excellent snacks before work-out.
20. Reduce intake of Calcium
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Calcium on its own alone can reduce your weight to up to 30 pounds in 20 weeks. It discourages the accumulation of fats in your muscles. It eventually leads to conversion of fats into excretory waste thus leading to weight loss.

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The importance of protein giving foods to body builders cannot be overemphasized. Unless you eat enough of protein, you would hardly gain body mass. Ensure you eat the right proportion of protein at the right time to win the race!

Saturday, 26 March 2016

Top 20 tips for a healthy lifestyle

All of us aspire to live a healthy life but not many really achieve it. A healthy lifestyle is not something that easy to come by. Healthy life style must embrace the way you think and see things, what you eat, where you work and live, what you do on a daily basis and your financial endowment , who you go out with plus much more. You should understand that you are a special being with a special purpose, special endowment and so on. You must through perseverance and self discipline stick to what is good and best for you.

See below 20 tips to help you achieve a healthy life style:

1. Maintain a healthy eating habit:

Learn to cook and eat healthy foods. Make a better choice of foods when you go shopping. Avoid junk and unhealthy foods if you want to live healthier.

2. Take Stock of what you do:

At the end of each day, you must take stock of your day’s activities. Try and find out what and what you didn’t do well, work out the best options for you and make adjustments next time. Your day to day activities determines how healthy you live.

3. Know your Limits:

Never take up more work than you can possibly do. Taking too much than you can manage will weigh you down and put you on more stress. As much as you can, try to do away with stressful situations in your life.

4. When choosing Career, choose what you love doing

When you start with what you love doing, you will get fulfillment and be happier. The money aspect of it would come eventually. You will be more able to cope and surmount all difficulties because you like what you do.

5. Live a simple life and don’t be over greedy for wealth

Be content with what you have. Work hard as much as you can and don’t begin to wish to be him or her. Remember people can show you the way but you can never be same. Greed can lead you into unwarranted and unhealthy ways of life.

6. Do things at the right time

Pay your bills at the right time and never borrow if you are not sure of being able to clear your debts. You can land yourself into troubles by taking such unwise decisions.

7. Adequate sleep

Endeavor to get enough sleep of about 8 hours each night. If you are able, also take some afternoon nap, they are good for your health. Enough sleep gives your body time to recover plus wind down.

8. Positive attitudes to life:

Your attitudes to life affect your health to a great extent. You should try hard to maintain a positive attitude to life. Even in the means of difficulties try and see beyond it as a stepping stone to something better. Negative thinking ruins your health.

9. Work on your spiritual life

It is essential to keep grips with your spiritual life. You don’t have to be overly religious. Coming to term with your deepest and innermost self help you maintain a good motivation and offers you valuable intuitions.

10. Do things with restraint:

You must train yourself to be self restrained. Whether you are eating, working, resting, playing having fun etc, you must be the master of yourself. Having power of self control help you to live a healthier lifestyle!

12. Exercise frequently

Form the habit of exercising. You could go for short walk daily or try yoga exercise. They are good for your health. Also opt to walk upstairs instead of using lift or walk for a short distance rather than drive.

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13. Regular Medical Check-ups

Consult your doctor anytime you have health issues. Explore all the options available to you including information search on the net. Do not lose hope as long as you have life, there is always a way.

14. Go Gardening

Gardening is a good way to boost your morale, keep you happy refreshed and healthy. If you have space, it is a good thing to try it. You can as well do movable garden on containers.

 15.  Work on your social life

A healthy social life,( - ) makes you happier, reduces your stress and boosts your health! Having a good laugh is good for you. You may wish to try some social gatherings at your spare time to relax.

 16.  Live honest life

Sincere, principled, courteous life is a good indication of a healthy life style. Do say things unless they are true and don’t make promises that you cannot fulfill. You are worth more than a distrustful way of life.

17. Cutivate The Habit Of Reading

Reading is good for you. It sharpens your intelligence as well as making your mind function very well. Read newspapers, magazines and listen to news of happenings around you.

18. Eat plenty of beetroot

You may be surprised at this but beetroot is very useful in combating high blood pressure. High blood pressure is the root cause of neither stroke and heart attack which normally has nor symptom. Research shows that 500 ml of beetroot can lower your blood pressure to a great extent after an hour dink.

19.  Hugging for good

Result shows that a 20 minutes hug of partners can help to reduce stress and hypertension. You tend to warm your partners heart when you hug them as well as offer them protection against cardiovascular diseases.

20. Watch your intake of salt
Eating too much salt can increase your blood pressure and lead to heart disorders. They can also make us to be more prone to suffer from diabetes. Stick to a maximum of 6g of salt per a day.

You definitely have other things you need to live a healthier life. You need a bit of sunlight for vitamin D, fruits and vegetables for your minerals and vitamins, don’t smoke, if you drink, do so with moderation. Remember your health is in your hand. What you do contribute to how long you could live. Follow these simple steps and live a better and healthier life.

Thursday, 24 March 2016

5 Types of Anxiety Disorders And Symptoms You Should Know

There are very many stressful medical conditions affecting people. One among the top stressful medical conditions that people suffer is anxiety disorders.

A great majority of people suffer from of one form or the other. The degree of disturbance also varies widely from person to person. It is essential to seek medical advice and attention as swiftly as possible whenever you discover any sign of the disorder creeping in. This is because anxiety disorders tend to grow increasingly worse when not attended to.

1. Panic disorders

Like we have said earlier, anxiety disorders can manifest through a variety of forms. Panic disorder is one of the most common kinds of anxiety disorders. This disorder is one in which the person has unexpected panic attacks repeatedly. The individual is under constant panic attacks and is unable to handle and put a stop to it. Panic attacks can occur in stages and have a range of intensities.

The good news is that panic attacks can be controlled with medical care and behavioral control. You need expert advice to enable you to work out the best suited way for you to manage the situation behaviorally as well as prescription of the best suited medication by your health personnel.

2. Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder
 Also, among the common types of anxiety disorders are the obsessive-compulsive disorders. With obsessive compulsive disorder, the sufferer has uncontrollable and unwanted urges to perform a certain task, such as brushing their hair a certain number of times. This too can be controlled with the help of an expert. A psychologist or a counselor may be handy to use here.

Your doctor should also be able to give you expert advice plus prescribe drugs like the right sedative suitable for your own peculiar needs as well as the dosage to help reduce your stressful conditions to a minimal level.

3. Post-Traumatic Stress Disorders
There are also types of anxiety disorders that do not have to do with genetic conditions. The most readily available examples of this are from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).  Victims of this disorder react to previous trauma which they had that disastrously affected their psyche. This usually triggers unusual patterns of behaviors or reactions toward stressful conditions.

These anxiety disorder patients have persistent frightening thoughts and memories of an event that was extremely stressful, such as a car wreck or a military battle.

4. Phobia

Phobia also falls under the category of anxiety disorders. This type of anxiety disorder is very much attached and related to fear. Phobia anxiety disorders can be further sub-divided into Claustrophobia, arachnophobia, milliophobia and very many different types of things. People can fear a number of things, including small spaces.

Claustrophobia is fear of small spaces, arachnophobia is fear of spiders or other types of arachnids, and Milliophobia is the fear of millipedes or any other type of myriapoda and so on. Phobias are usually irrational and very intense and proximity to the feared item or being placed in the feared situation will usually cause a panic attack.

5. GAD- Generalized Anxiety Disorder

Many people suffering from an anxiety disorder are simply diagnosed with GAD, or Generalize Anxiety Disorder. GAD is a condition in which the person is experiencing anxiety and worry in levels higher than typical, but they are not having panic attacks or experiencing other medical conditions. Heightened anxiety and worry can be very un-stabilizing and disturbing and must be taken seriously just like other types of anxiety disorders.

Anxiety disorder knows no friend. It can creep in into the lives of every individual if care is not taken. Anxiety disorder has no respect for age, economic status, race, religion, or gender. It can affect every Tom, Dick and Harry.

The good news is that technological advancement has currently made it increasingly possible to develop ways to manage and take care of these disorders in a greater degree and on a daily basis.

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The major thing is to discover that you have the signs of these disorders when they are still in their early stages.  Just like every other sickness and disease, the healing process and time is quicker when there is early discovery and diagnosis than when the situations have deteriorated.  Being able to do this means you have right there in your hands a sure key to open the door to your healing and happiness.

Do not hesitate to make contact with your doctor to check your anxiety index  who will give you suggestions plus make recommendations and prescriptions that will get you back to normal in the shortest possible times. This is an extremely necessary thing for you to do. You need to book an appointment with your doctor immediately whenever you discover traces of the disorder. Not to worry, if you haven’t got the disorder, your doctor will tell you. It is better to be late than the late.